Official Betting Rules for Ohio Sports

Whether you’re new to sports betting or an old hand, official betting rules are the key to making informed bets. These rules determine whether the games you bet on are official, how they’re sorted and settled, and whether or not you can make money from the wagers you place.

Baseball/Softball Rule: 8.5 innings game (Rule 21) – All scheduled games must be played and go at least 8.5 innings for bets to have action. Exceptions are made for games that are shortened by the league or governing body (including those involving a player/pitcher with the most strikeouts/total bases on the day), and if the game is a playoff or postseason tournament game.

Live Plate Appearance/Pitch Result/Pitch Count markets – All plate appearances must be recorded in the inning specified in the bet, or the bet will be void. If a plate appearance is incomplete at the end of the inning, bets are also void.

NCAA/High School Rule: Run Lines and Totals – All run lines and totals must go at least 9 innings for games to have action, or 6.5 innings if the home team is ahead. All other bets on these markets are still enforceable, and will remain in effect until the end of the game as long as they’re officially decided.

College/University rule: March Madness and other NCAA tournaments – All wagers on these tournaments must be made at licensed and regulated online sportsbooks that accept Ohio bettors. This ensures the games you bet on are fair and that your funds are secure, and that the operators have legal protections for customers.

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