Official Poker

Official poker is played using chips that represent money on the line as players bet and bluff. The game has grown into a massive success in both cash games and tournaments, with big winnings on display on TV shows like PokerGO’s popular poker after dark show featuring some of the world’s biggest names mixing it up at the felt.

Casinos and other gaming establishments often have their own coloured poker chips to help differentiate players’ stacks. These chips come in a variety of sizes and colours, and can even be printed with logos or significant events or people. Those who are interested in building their own set for home use can find many different options online, including composite clay chips that have a solid feel and can be customised with custom graphics.

A player’s starting chip value in a tournament is often based on their buy-in amount. The amount of chips in play is adjusted at regular intervals as the tournament progresses, often with the blind and ante increasing at predetermined levels. The tournament prize pool may also be broken down into smaller prizes for specific finishing positions.

Players are expected to be at their seats when the cards are dealt, and to keep their hands visible. It is unethical to reveal the contents of a folded hand during a deal, and it is against the rules to make any comments or inferences as to the contents of a hand before the betting is complete. It is also unethical to deliberately discard a winning hand away from the muck.