The NFL’s Official Betting Policy

In an era when wagering on sports events is more common than ever before, professional leagues are looking for ways to keep the integrity of their games intact. They have beefed up in-house technology and security, dedicated more in-house staff and partnered with sportsbooks and integrity firms to create a network that monitors betting markets and identifies improper bettors. The NFL says that as a result of these initiatives, it has improved its ability to catch offenders.

Football bets are settled on the official result outlined by official governing bodies, including all injury time. If a game is abandoned, all bets are void unless the market was already settled before abandonment. A game must be played to the full 90 minutes for match bets, first goalscorer markets and other betting types to stand. Any extra-time or penalties won’t count.

For baseball bets, all players must start a game for bets to stand. However, some bets have a set amount of action if they meet certain criteria, such as number of pitches thrown for pitchers and plate appearances for position players. These bets are independent of a game’s length, whereas others are dependent on a game’s length for example, totals bets will only be paid out if the entire nine innings are played.

Players are prohibited from placing bets while at team or league facilities or when on the road with their teams. They also must sign a statement acknowledging the rules of the league’s gambling policy as part of their contract.

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