What Goes Into Making an Official Poker DVD?

If you want to learn all about card games, you’ll want to check out the Official Poker, Inc. DVD series. These DVDs cover every aspect of card games, from the basics to the more advanced moves. Now available as a Special Players Edition Box Set, these videos will help you become an expert at the game you love. There are also special versions of these DVDs available for beginners. If you’ve been wondering what goes into the making of a poker DVD, read on for the inside scoop.

The rules for official poker are generally similar to those for live games. Once play starts, players can only change their seats if the game is over. Each paid player is given a starting stack of chips. If a player does not show up for the beginning of the game, the director will deal out chips to those present. Any missing players will be dealt in with the chips required for antes and blinds. Once all players are present, they’ll receive their first card.

In addition to the official rules, a home poker tournament should have standard details. These include the name of the tournament, the starting stack (usually one hundred big blinds), and the payout structure. In addition, check the state’s gambling laws. While gambling laws vary from state to state, in California, eleven games are prohibited. Also, any game categorized as “banking” is considered illegal. However, a home poker tournament is legal as long as the proprietor does not demand special compensation or reward for hosting the tournament.