What You Need to Know About Official Betting

Official betting is settled based on the official result from the game’s governing body. This includes overtime scores. Bets will be void if the result is changed after the game has been declared. Any markets that don’t include a tie, such as quarter or half betting, won’t be affected by the official result.

The NBA prohibits players and league employees from placing bets on its games. The league has beefed up its integrity efforts, including partnering with sportsbooks and integrity firms to identify betting patterns. The NFL has also begun to punish players and employees who place bets, suspending Isaiah Rodgers and Rashod Berry of the Indianapolis Colts, and free agent Demetrius Taylor in 2022.

If you’re betting on MLB games, it’s a good idea to check the over/under lines – these tend to be very competitive, especially when the games are at high-scoring stadiums. Then, take advantage of the underdogs – these teams have a much higher chance of winning than their odds would suggest.

In boxing, bets are settled based on the rounds in which the fight finishes. This includes if a fighter retires or is disqualified. A decision made by the judging panel will count as a win or loss, but not if it is a “no contest” decision. If the judges are unable to decide, all bets are void. If the judges agree on a tie, bets will be settled as a draw. This doesn’t apply to ‘to win on points’ bets.

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